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A Video Tour of a NYC Tonwhouse Kitchen Makeover


Check out a video tour of one of our most recent New York City kitchen facelifts.  It included new counters, painting the kitchen cabinets, relocating a pantry and installing four sets of LED strip lights. The entire project took about … Read More

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A Manhattan Kitchen Makeover: Painting Kitchen Cabinets and a New Backsplash


Another (Quick) Kitchen Facelift: Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets and Installing a Subway tile Backsplash (Level 2) Just the basics on this one: sprayed cabinets, a new backsplash and a new sink.  This was part of a larger restoration project on … Read More

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How Can I Update My Kitchen Without Replacing the Cabinets?


… Or How to Update Your NYC Kitchen Without Mortgaging Your Firstborn Child to Pay For It.   A specialty we’ve developed over the years at Paint Works is updating Kitchens without replacing them.  A kitchen update (or facelift) typically … Read More

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