5 Things You Can Do Before We Start Painting

Preparing for Paint Works to arrive to paint your apartment is helpful to making sure it is a smooth and efficient process. While we handle most everything, there are some things we can’t know (like your color preferences), and you are much more familiar with the details of your home than we are. Here are five things you can do to prepare for your home interior to be painted professionally:

  1. Communicate color and finish preferences: Clearly communicate your color choices, finish preferences, and any specific instructions. We might use different painting terminology, or there might be different sheens of paint we are unaware of – again, you know what you want better than we do. Let us know of accent walls or special techniques you may want. Providing this information will make the end result that much closer to what you envision.
  2. Clear the room of fragile or valuable items: Remove any fragile or valuable items from the room being painted. This includes delicate decorations, heirlooms, or breakable objects that could be accidentally damaged during the painting process. We can move them. We will move them. But we would prefer not to move them.
  3. Provide access to the room: Try to make sure we have easy access to the room by unlocking the doors or gates and removing any obstacles that may impede their entry. Obviously, if there are security systems in place, either disarm them or provide the necessary codes or instructions for the painters to enter the property.
  4. Communicate special considerations: If there are any specific considerations or areas of concern in the home, such as delicate surfaces, sensitive electronics, or areas that require extra caution, let us know. This ensures that they are aware of and can address these concerns during their work.
  5. Address any questions or concerns: Before we start our work, it would be great if you were available to answer any questions we may have or any concerns that might arise. This open communication helps to ensure a smooth and successful painting process.

So basically, let us know what you want, including your color preferences, special touches, and areas of caution; make sure we have access to your home, and give us a few minutes of your time to answer any on-site questions that might arise. Take those few simple steps, and Paint Works will handle the rest! We’re the best painting service in NY!