Riverside Drive in NYC

Managing Details and Deadlines

For this apartment on the Upper West Side, Paint Works collaborated with an interior designer with whom we’ve worked several times before.

The designer talked with us about several aspects of the project that would need special attention. One was the dining room, where delicate silk wallpaper would be installed. He enlisted us to install faux-wainscoting and wanted to make sure that the layout was just right. Paint Works President Marc Ringel, a crew leader and a staff carpenter did the layout with a laser level while the designer made final decisions about the locations of the “panels.”

In addition to the work itself, Paint Works also brought our detail-oriented approach to giving the designer and his client a smooth overall experience. The client was away during part of the project, but needed to be there while we worked on a couple of rooms. We staged the project so the client could access the space as work continued. Proper dust containment was also key.