Interior Trim & Crown Molding Repair in New York

We are Paint Works. We paint. But to get to the painting part, and do a superlative job, we often have to repair the underlying surfaces. Trim, molding, and woodwork restoration plays a huge role in the overall quality of your paint job; the carpentry frames the walls, and doorways and windows are focal points in the architecture of a room. Especially in historic / old / period homes, the woodwork is a key detail that can either bring a room together, or ruin the effect. Here are some ways we can make the woodwork in your home shine.

Peel away and membrane applied to a door being stripped

Wood Stripping

Trim paint is thick and durable to prevent wear and tear. It also builds up over millwork until once-crisp details are rounded corners. We can strip your trim and molding back to the bare wood to start with a fresh surface for a new finish.

detail of molding trim crown molding in an apartment

Millwork Repair

Historic millwork isn’t something you can pick up 10’ of at your local lumber yard. We often have to either patch or recreate old woodwork to match the home. Wherever possible we use the original wood, and when necessary will match the existing profile; and even wood grain, of your molding and trim.

Hallway renovation with peach paint and restored trim

Period Refinishing

To bring a historic home back to its true glory, recreating period finishes is a small detail that has a large part in the overall effect. We will work with you to select appropriate paints, stains, and lacquers for your space, and ensure we use application techniques that blend seamlessly with the existing finishes.

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