Different interior paints and their applications

Paint can and brush on a blue background

The right paint for the job Choosing the right type of paint is essential to achieve the desired finish and durability for specific surfaces. Here are some commonly used interior paints and their applications: Latex Paint: Latex, or water-based paint, is the most popular choice for interior painting. It has a quick drying time, low…

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Repairing Plaster & Lath Walls

Exposed damaged lath needing repair and plaster

Plaster and lath walls are a common feature in many New York City apartments. Before the 1950’s that was pretty much all they used (besides brick), so your pre-war apartment probably has plaster and lath. Beyond being difficult to replace, there are several reasons keeping plaster and lath is a good choice for your apartment…

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Painting Terminology – A Glossary

interior painting equipment including brushes, rollers, and masking tape

Throughout our website you might notice terminology you are not familiar with. We want our clients to feel comfortable with all the processes and techniques we might apply on a project; here is a glossary of some of the terms you might encounter.

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