Dustless Drywall Preparation: A faster, cleaner way to a renewed home

What Is Dustless Drywall Preparation, and How Does it Benefit Your Renovations?

New York City is a unique location for home improvements. Owners need to worry not only about budget and timing; neighbors, co-op boards, building owners, city agencies and approvals, and the logistics of working in a shared space also play a role. Dustless drywall preparation can go a long way towards mitigating the effects of your renovations on your own space, and neighbors.

Most of the dust generated from an interior apartment renovation can be from drywall prep. It’s literally compressed powder between two slices of paper. Dustless drywall preparation is the method by which we prepare drywall surfaces for painting, other finishes, or wallpaper, that reduces the amount of dust and debris that is created during the sanding process. Paint Works achieves this by using specialized sanding equipment that is designed to minimize the amount of dust that is generated, as well as HEPA vacuum systems that are used to collect and remove the dust as it is created. We use this equipment in residential and commercial building renovations where it is important to keep the workspace clean and free of dust – which is all of our clients.

There are several benefits to using dustless drywall preparation, including:

  • Improved air quality: We reduce the amount of dust and debris that is created during the sanding process, which improves the air quality in the workspace.
  • Faster and more efficient: Dustless drywall preparation is faster and more efficient than traditional sanding methods. The specialized equipment we use is designed to minimize the amount of dust that is generated into the environment. Less dust means less clogging of sandpaper, so it works faster, which means less time on the job.
  • Less cleanup: Because we reduce the amount of dust that is created, there is also minimal – or no – cleanup required after the sanding is complete.
  • Better finished product: Dustless drywall preparation simply creates a superior result. Because we remove all of the dust from the walls as we prepare them, the paint or other finishes or wallpaper will be able to adhere more effectively, resulting in a smoother, cleaner finish.

Contact Paint Works today to find out how our  advanced techniques, can make improving your living or workspace a cleaner, less intrusive, and more efficient project.

Partially completed bathroom renovation with shower stall
Photo of a drywalled using a Festool sanding and dust extraction system to finish a wall

Our specialized dustless drywall preparation equipment

The equipment we use is manufactured by high-end tool maker Festool, highly specialized to the remodeling industry, and conforms to all OSHA protocols for dust and silicates, as well as European standards – which are much stricter than ours. Festool invented a seamless integrated system for their tools and dust collection that utilizes bluetooth smart tool start and dynamic load balancing to ensure whenever dust is being created by their sanding tools, it is being safely extracted down to the 1 micron level by their dust collection system. It’s like hiking in a national park – we leave no trace.