A Video Tour of a NYC Townhouse Kitchen Makeover

nyc kitchen renvation

Check out a video tour of one of our most recent New York City kitchen facelifts.  It included new counters, painting the kitchen cabinets, relocating a pantry and installing four sets of LED strip lights. The entire project took about 2 weeks from start to finish.

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Wall Trim Ideas: Faux Wainscoting in a NYC Dining Room

Walls prepped for painting

This faux wainscoting was part of a larger pre war apartment restoration project we worked on during Summer 2016. The panels were built using MDF panels cut down onsite and laid out with the input of the interior designer. Check out the gallery linked here for some shots of the finished project.

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets White: Some Before and After Pictures (Level 1)

White Sprayed Kitchen Cabinets

This is another Level 1 Kitchen Makeover project – click here to familiarize with our kitchen makeover levels – we worked on with a client moving into a new apartment down on Bowery in Manhattan.  The kitchen was in excellent shape  but the client wasn’t particularly fond of the wooden cabinets from the previous renovation.  Before…

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A Before and After NYC Kitchen Makeover (Level 1)

Repainted white kitchen cabinet doors from the side

This is one of the first kitchen facelifts we worked on for a client in Long Island City a few years ago.  We were contracted to paint all of the kitchen cabinets as well as replace the pulls, and the client ended up coordinating the other pieces of the project including replacing the counters and…

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How Can I Update My Kitchen Without Replacing the Cabinets?

Two workers moving a stove into a kitchen under construction

… Or How to Update Your NYC Kitchen Without Mortgaging Your Firstborn Child to Pay For It.   A specialty we’ve developed over the years at Paint Works is updating Kitchens without replacing them.  A kitchen update (or facelift) typically entails some combination of semi-cosmetic work including painting cabinets, replacing counters, replacing lighting, installing shelves,…

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Painting Terminology – A Glossary

interior painting equipment including brushes, rollers, and masking tape

Throughout our website you might notice terminology you are not familiar with. We want our clients to feel comfortable with all the processes and techniques we might apply on a project; here is a glossary of some of the terms you might encounter.

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